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Favorite & Affordable Kosher Wine List

March 12, 2018


Welcome to: My husband's first post! The man behind the good wine orders, the smoker & grill, and often, the camera:


We are blessed in this day and age to have so many different options when it comes to kosher wine.  There are SO many different types of wine coming from all over the world, and after enjoying many bottles of kosher wines over the years I finally began to document some of my favorites so I have a list I can always come back to when placing orders.  This list is not conclusive, but what I feel makes this list special is the value for money in each of the respected price categories. In my opinion, these wines all hit the sweet spot when it comes to price and drinking pleasure.


These are the wines I keep going back to. They are all solid, reliable crowd pleasers, and great bang for the buck. Yomtov is just around the corner, and you better bet my family will have many of these bottles as well as some new ones on our table!


We order from Kosher Wine.com, when you order a case, you get free shipping. The selection is awesome, and we love trying a few new bottles with each order.


Get $15 off an order of $200 or more. Use the Promo Code: PESACH15




Best Wine under $10

Chateau les Riganes Bordeaux 2016 (Mevushal) $9.99 http://bit.ly/2FyL59C


Best Wines under $15

Twin Suns Cabernet Sauvignon $12.49  http://bit.ly/2tzzNjP 


Galil Mountain Syrah 2014 $13.99 http://bit.ly/2tAxCN2


Elvi Herenza Rioja $12.99  http://bit.ly/2tvXidH


Hermon Indigo https://www.kosherwine.com/hermon-indigo-2013.html?rfsn=547284.c4d56


Best Wines under $25

Novel Novateur 2016 (Mevushal) $24.99  http://bit.ly/2tys8lZ


Chateau D'Arveyres Bordeaux Superiur 2014 $18.99 http://bit.ly/2FFz5q1


Capcanes Perah Ha'abib 2014 $24.99 http://bit.ly/2GgwHUF


Tabor Adama || Sufa Storm 2014 $22.99 http://bit.ly/2HoqvJv


Something a little extra for those special occasions

Goblet Mendocino County Syrah 2013 $69.99 http://bit.ly/2Fra9n9


Flam Reserve Syrah 2014 $41.99 http://bit.ly/2FJqT8e


Bravdo Quadro 2013 http://bit.ly/2FypcHF


Tulip Mostly Cabernet Franc


Psagot Peak $42.99 http://bit.ly/2Dl82Ln


Yarden Syrah 2013 $23.29http://bit.ly/2NjmY39



Best Rose's

Jezreel Valley Rose 2017 $21.99 http://bit.ly/2KHA8oW

Chateau Roubine Cru Classe Rose 2017 $20.99 http://bit.ly/2NfoAuu


Best Champagne

Drappier Brut Champagne Carte D' Or $48.99 http://bit.ly/2FEkhYV

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