Good Food, Better Friends.

Well, this post has been a long time coming. I am embarrassed to say that my good friend Ellie and I intended for this event to be my blog "launch" post, and when that didn't end up happening, I somehow completely let it slide.

I got so excited to get into my kitchen and begin sharing everyday recipes with all of you, that I never actually sat down to post about the dinner party we had, or the original post I intended it to be. (Because, let's be honest, we aren't having dinner parties every night, but we do need dinner inspiration nightly).

In any event, it's never too late to share, and the fact that today is a rainy day, and leaves are starting to fall, it may just be August, but I am starting to already think about the fall and the upcoming holidays - my favorite time of year. I live for the crisp fall mornings, sprinkling pumpkin spice into my coffee, chunky sweaters and boots.. and warm cozy comfort food.

Last fall, my friends and I got together for an evening, and I made a dinner party. It was so much fun, honestly. Coming from Cleveland, we have a fairly large Jewish community, but our restaurant scene does not reflect that. If you want some awesome food in a non-casual atmosphere, it's something better created at home. With lots of good wines to choose from, and a few hours in the kitchen with my husband, the dinner party was a great way to spend our evening. I got to do one of my other favorite things during the day, and prepared a beautiful table scape, I love decorating and planning. I planned out a menu, printed it for fun, and set everything up so that by the time the early evening came and my daughter was in bed, the only thing left to do was have some fun in the kitchen.

I think now that I am finally posting, it's about time for another.. what do you guys say?

My friend Ellie is a local Cleveland lifestyle photographer (shameless plug: an awesome one at that!) so she brought her camera bag along and documented our evening, adding to the fun. Check out the photos from our evening! Thank you Ellie B Photography!



Crumbed Baby Bellas - Pesto Sauce, Garlic Aoli

Garlic Pommes Frites - Seasoned Sour ‘Cream’

Loaded Frites - Shredded Chicken, Guacamole, ‘Bacon’, Ranch Dressing


Bourbon Glazed Beef Ribs

Onion Strings

Zucchini Sticks


Warm Chocolate Babycake

PB Ice Cream

Garlic Pomme Frites

Loaded Frites - Shredded Chicken, Guacamole, ‘Bacon’, Ranch Dressing

Bourbon Glazed Beef Ribs

Onion Strings

Warm Chocolate Babycake

Homemade PB Ice Cream